"Make Good Things" - 12oz mug
"Make Good Things" - 12oz mug

"Make Good Things" - 12oz mug

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I have this mug on my desk. It is filled with pens. A lot of pens. I see it everyday, and the beautiful blue watercolors lettering reminds me to make good things every day.
The calming blue helps me keep my mind open and ready for the creativity to flow.

I suppose you can use it for a drinking as well. It has a gorgeous blue interior that fills your visual senses with a wash of relaxing, cool blue with every drink.
Whether it is creating good things in the workshop, kitchen, garage, garden, or great outdoors this mug will fit right in.

Did I mention the interior color matches the lettering perfectly. It's magical.

This is an 12oz handlettered ceramic mug that reads: Make good things.


The design is seamlessly fused into the top layer through sublimation. The design is part of the top coat and will not rub off like marker pens, scratch off like heat sprays and baked on designs, nor fade like heat transfers. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Avoid harsh scrubbing and this mug will last a long time.