"I Coffee Therefore I Can" - 11oz mug

"I Coffee Therefore I Can" - 11oz mug

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Before we start quoting philosophers I'm gonna need a cup of coffee. Realistically I'm gonna need like 2 or 3 cups. Even then, that topic will still be way over my head.

But every thing else in my day is no sweat after that morning cup, or cups. Forget fish, coffee is the real brain fuel. 

Grab this mug and fool everyone in to thinking you are quiet because you are in deep contemplation (rather than because you are a really horrible morning zombie).


The design is seamlessly fused into the top layer through sublimation. The design is part of the top coat and will not rub off like marker pens, scratch off like heat sprays and baked on designs, nor fade like heat transfers. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Avoid harsh scrubbing and this mug will last a long time.


All designs are ©GoldenLeaf Designs 2016. Made in Culver City, by someone who dodged a bullet by never taking a philosophy class in school...whew.