"Drink While the Beer is Cold" - wall art quote

"Drink While the Beer is Cold" - wall art quote

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Strike while the iron hot, so the saying goes. You gotta do what you gotta do when the time is right. Not a second before or a second after. Beer is pretty similar. You gotta drink it while it's cold. Warm beer is just no bueno. Fortunately, beer stays cold a bit longer, so you don't have to rush it. Rushed beer is also no bueno.

This punny beer proverb brings a more relaxed vibe to the getting things done (relaxed people are more creative and productive). So take this to work to encourage others. Hang it in your kitchen with your other beer quotes (wink wink). Or put it in your bar. It'll cause thought provoking conversations (if only with their self) among the merry drinkers.


Printed on sturdy high grade paper with high pigment inks. Both are acid free and archival grade. This quote will not fade or discolor, no matter where you place it.

Also available as a card.


All designs are copyright of GoldenLeaf Designs. 2016. Made in Culver City, CA by someone who could never be a blacksmith. Too much heat, and no cold beers.