"Don't be a Prick"  - 11oz mug

"Don't be a Prick" - 11oz mug

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One night at a party a group of guys start getting loud and rambunctious. The hostess asks them to keep it down because of the neighbors. The guys say "screw the neighbors" and go on laughing and drinking. The hostess says, "Ok, these are friends, I'll give them a chance", and leaves.

A while later that same group of guys begin arguing with other guests. Again the hostess comes over and says "please stop fighting, other guests want to have a good time too". The guys say "screw the other guests" then turn away and go drink elsewhere. The hostess, polite as she is, says "ok, they stopped fighting but that's their last chance".

A while later there is a large racket in the backyard. The hostess goes to check on it and sure enough it is the same rowdy group of guys. They are running around the backyard, which is populated with rocks, cacti, and shrubbery (a very hot climate landscape). They are kicking the bushes and cacti, throwing rocks and yelling.

The hostess yells to the guys "Stay away from my cacti, better yet just leave now". The guys all begin to laugh and they yell back "Screw your cacti" and begin to kick at the cacti.

As one guy is swinging is leg when the alcohol kicks in and he trips takes a header sideways, you guessed it, right onto a very large cacti with very long prickers. Of course the guy begins to scream. One of his buddies run to help him off but he slips rounding a bush and he too falls into a cacti, getting poked with the 12in prickers. The two guys are screaming while their other buddies are trying to pull them off of the thorns. This goes on for a while.

Pretty soon though, the police show up. The hostess goes out to meet them. They tell the hostess "They were complaints of loud, concerning screams". The hostess says "Oh yes, that. I am actually glad you are here". The policeman says "Is there a problem?". The hostess says "Yes, it's in the backyard". The police ask "What's the problem ma'am?". The hostess says "There are some huge pricks out there that got stuck."


Moral of the story: Don't be a prick.


This is an 11oz handlettered ceramic mug that reads: "Don't be a Prick" along side a cute cactus.


The design is seamlessly fused into the top layer through sublimation. The design is part of the top coat and will not rub off like marker pens, scratch off like heat sprays and baked on designs, nor fade like heat transfers. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Avoid harsh scrubbing and this mug will last a long time.


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