"5 More Minutes"  - 11oz mug

"5 More Minutes" - 11oz mug

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The best thing ever created?... the snooze button.... I hit that sucker about 5 times before I actually get out of bed. Can you tell I am not a morning person?

If you use this mug you are announcing that you are not a morning person, and that you shouldn't be bothered until at least the second cup. This way you won't be grouchy to the other person, you won't be rude by yawning in the middle of their story, and you won't be inconsiderate by only pretending to listen to that story. This mug just saves everyone from a bad morning.


Unlike decals, heat transfers, inked on, or oven cooked designs, this design is fused into the top coat. It will not scratch off, rub off, wash off, or fade. It is both dishwasher and microwave safe (just make sure you're awake enough that you don't burn yourself with hot coffee). Avoid harsh scrubbing and this mug will last a long time.


Please let me know if this is a gift so I can wrap it up nicely.


All designs are GoldenLeaf Designs 2016. Made in Culver City, CA by someone whose first words, I'm pretty sure, were "five more minutes".