About GoldenLeaf

My name is Aurelia. I live in and operate in sunny Culver City, CA. The Screenland of America. 

I make products laced with witty, playful, and encouraging quotes. The kind you give with a wink and a grin. I draw inspiration from my life so some of the quotes are me exactly while the others are drawn from family, friends, co-workers and sometimes wackadoos I meet along the way.

I hope some of my products encourage you. There is much too much bullying, criticizing, hate and overall lack of camaraderie for my taste. I want to empower and acknowledge you as a vital part of the community, even if it's only one quote at a time.

I hope my products amuse you. There is far too much gloom in the world. Smiles and laughter are contagious. My mugs, shirts, bags, and prints are perfect carriers to infect others with joy and laughter.

Above all I try to keep it witty. Because smart is sexy. 

I hope you enjoy my products. They are intended to bring people closer together, whether it is you and I, you and them, or them and them.  We all live in this world together. We can all afford to get a bit closer.


Smile. Or don't. Just be who you are.